The Gene Pool Lottery

#LikeAGirl  <– CLICK for Video   Genetics are dumb luck as far as I’m concerned. Throughout history, whether you were born into the working class or the aristocracy was your fate. These days, we live in a world where you can change your stars. That is, if you were born in a first world country, and you areContinue reading “The Gene Pool Lottery”

A Love Letter to My Generation

A caustic compliment From the curve of your lip Matches your cruel beauty Like satin ripped   The accidental truths Dropped off your tongue Are fallen angels slain They are your demons undone   There is dissonance in those eyes A freezing wind blows through your soul No matter how many matches I strike There’sContinue reading “A Love Letter to My Generation”

Summer in the South

  A violin whines through the history of her mind. Memories intertwine and overlap like the cream into the coffee in her cup. The diner disappears and she’s young and at home. Ice cubes clink and the porch swing creaks, but the laughter of her girlfriends echoes loudest. She sips sweet lemonade through a straw.Continue reading “Summer in the South”