It was but a dream

I see me. In a little black dress. I’m walking. I reach the side of the pool and I don’t hesitate to dive in. All sorts of people are swimming in black-tie apparel. Everyone is under the water. Twirling and swirling like dancers on a ballroom floor. There doesn’t seem to be any reason toContinue reading “It was but a dream”

A Book Review: The Goldfinch

It’s not easy being a human, flawed and insatiable as we are. Even when we know an action will cause our own detriment, we continue to pursue or perform such activity, time and time again. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is the human condition:Continue reading “A Book Review: The Goldfinch”

Straight Through the Sunset

We got in his old pick-up truck and he started the ignition. The vinyl seat was like ice beneath me, but he had lit something within me. Jack was rugged and charming, he had the swagger of an athlete from birth, and that voice, like the trucks engine, making me both nervous and excited. HeContinue reading “Straight Through the Sunset”

Singleminded Aunt Ida

The sister stands to the side, she sighs. Four weeks to the day since her divorce was final. Six months since she walked out the door. Her sister’s engagement doesn’t make her miss her ex-husband, not a thing could induce such emotions, but it does make her feel her aloneness. There is a thing inContinue reading “Singleminded Aunt Ida”

Happy New Year

I wish for: 1. Love 2. New life. 3. Laughter 4. Health 5. A winning football team. (Go Gators! Let this be your year Dolphins.) 6. Spiritual peace. 7. Restful souls. 8. Intellectual excitement 9. Bountiful harvests. 10. Simple pleasures. 11. Fairness. 12. Equality. 13. Humanity. 14. Goodness. 15. Music. 16. Dancing. 17. Delicious flavors.Continue reading “Happy New Year”