To Forty, With Love

Surprising is the sentiment that sisterhood brings To a life once thought to be full. It turns out that the sister-less are, after all Without a love most pure and wonderful. A sister-in-law, to be clearer just here, Is an especially delightful kind. Born from the love of the love of her life And theContinue reading “To Forty, With Love”

Neruda’s Love Poems – Rewritten

I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me. in the skin of the grapes I thought I touched you. do not take from me your laughter. when your laughter enters it opens for me all the doors of life. inContinue reading “Neruda’s Love Poems – Rewritten”

A Café in Paris

She sat staring at the cars driving by on the busy thoroughfare in front of the café, diagnosing what makes pretty people so mean. She’d been a hostess at the theater’s café for the 52 days since it had been open, and she could write a thesis on all the theater-going Miamians that she hadContinue reading “A Café in Paris”