a real life love poem

Roses are red, violets are blue

sugar is sweet and addictive

and love is too.

it’s sunny Sunday driving,

an orgasmic late afternoon,

it’s endless frustration, but for

a life lived over the moon.

it is patience and silence when

harsh words come to mind,

its my favorite home-cooked meal when

the world has not been kind.

love is easy in the good times

but those don’t last forever

love is compromise and sacrifice,

choosing us over me in this ever

changing world

continuing to choose us

choosing not to get upset

choosing to trust.

love is knowing he’ll be there

him knowing i will too

knowing the kid will never question

love means i’m here for you.

{GuestBlog} A Letter to the Democratic Party

Dear Senators,

I am a lifelong Democrat. I worked for Barrack and I worked for Hillary. I abhor what Donald Trump stands for and I am willing to work against his Muslim Ban and any other violation of our basic rights and freedoms as Americans.
That being said, he is now the President of the United States and I love this country and I do not believe that two wrongs make a right.
I fully believe that what Senator McConnell and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate did in refusing to execute their constitutional duty to hold hearings on the affirmation of Merrick Garland as a Justice of the Supreme Court was a heinous breach of ethics.
I think that if the Senate Democrats follow the same course it will be the same heinous breach of their constitutional duty.
We seem to be on the verge of splitting in half as a country. In my life I have never seen such devision and anger.
We need to find common ground and we need to treat each other with respect and someone has to start it.
There is no chance for peace on earth unless there is peace in the United States and I would desperately like to see us move in that direction.
Life’s too short and it’s actually a very small world. The future of this planet for our children and our children’s children depends on what we do today.
Let’s build a coalition that works to heal wounds not create new ones.
Let’s be the champions of justice and freedom that our forefathers envisioned so many years ago.
So that in the words of Abraham Lincoln: This nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men were created equal, will not perish from the face of the Earth.


Richard Groden


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dear donald: i am an extraordinary machine

dear donald, 

I wanted to write you a letter to thank you for a few things, just a few. 

I want to thank you for reminding me what it is to be righteous. 

thank you for waking up my generation to the fact that life as we know it can change unless and because we stand up to defend it.

thank you for making it so glaringly obvious that while we might have seen great changes in the race relations in this country – we saw a black man excel at the office you currently hold and will never forget it – we still have a lot of work to do. it is on us – the PEOPLE of this country – to prove to our black sisters and brothers and brown and native and foreign alike that ALL their lives matter. (since you clearly don’t plan on helping with that)

thank you for genuinely, disturbingly, and deeply pissing off women, this is a two-parter:

  1. because everyone knows that pissed off women get shit done. 
  2. because you reminded me of a true love I had abandoned: Fiona Apple. below, i have posted the lyrics that have brought me solace, which thanks to you, I desperately needed.

thank you for showing me how lucky I am to live in a world where strong women and sensitive men aren’t differentiated or celebrated, they just are them, because we are all equals. 

thank you for making me feel like a genius with every single word that comes out of your mouth or from your tiny, tiny little fingers. 

finally, thank you for awaking our passion, and may God – the ever-loving, compassionate refugee that i know in my heart- be with you.

RED RED RED by Fiona Apple, album Extraordinary Machine

I don’t understand about complementary colors
And what they say
Side by side they both get bright
Together they both get gray

But he’s been pretty much yellow
And I’ve been cryin’ blue
But all I can see is
Red, red, red, red, red now
What am I to do

I don’t understand about
Diamonds and why men buy them
What’s so impressive about a diamond
Except the mining

I don’t understand about
The weather outside
The harbinger to the words
That somebody lied

There’s solace a bit for submitting
To the fitfully cryptically true
What’s happened has happened
What’s coming is already on it’s way
With a role for me to play

I don’t understand
I’ll never understand
But I’m trying to understand
There’s nothing else I can do