Feelings of suffering
for folks I never was
Mourning the person
I know I’ll never be
Impulse buying a bowl
of decorative lemons
Still driving around with
a combustion engine

If we never atone
for the horrors that were
We commit to consuming
the powers that be
Thoughts prove nothing
The human soul
is just a framework
without vulnerability

Was there ever a world
where people didn’t just pluck
from Kings and Queens
photosynthesizing in the sun
Reciprocity as a practice,
Respect which begets growth,
and to rejoice, without

How far removed must we be
to vacate empathy
Even plastic comes
From the ash of our ancestors
We are exactly as much matter
as there has always been
Did the Creator ask herself,
am I enough?

You were brought into life naked
more than enough
but Man took your gratitude
your tender hopes
We must crawl back to the dirt
Plant our lemon seeds
and serve Mother Earth
a glass of lemonade

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  1. This is so beautiful, so profound. So looking forward to reading more and more. Wishing you the best with your writing!

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