Ten Things I Learned in 2015

  1. You can give yourself away entirely and┬ástill be yourself entirely. 2. Women have infinite strength and patience. 3. Hormones play a brilliant and sadistic role in the function of human females, and test the strength and patience of their partners. 4.┬áNo matter how destroyed your body feels or looks, it can restore itself.Continue reading “Ten Things I Learned in 2015”

Happy New Year

I wish for: 1. Love 2. New life. 3. Laughter 4. Health 5. A winning football team. (Go Gators! Let this be your year Dolphins.) 6. Spiritual peace. 7. Restful souls. 8. Intellectual excitement 9. Bountiful harvests. 10. Simple pleasures. 11. Fairness. 12. Equality. 13. Humanity. 14. Goodness. 15. Music. 16. Dancing. 17. Delicious flavors.Continue reading “Happy New Year”