Chapter 63

The greatest man I have ever known raised me to be a dreamer. He taught me to ask not what my country could do for me, but to strive to do good for all mankind, including questioning authority, indignity, and every day bullies. He showed me the power of my voice and the sanctity of silence.Continue reading “Chapter 63”

My mother’s endless love. 

The love of my mother has no prejudice. The love of my mother is not blind.  The love of my mother has no bounds. The love of my mother is always kind.  The love of my mother never pauses.  The love of my mother simply searches,  for ways to make you feel better inside.  The love ofContinue reading “My mother’s endless love. “

To Forty, With Love

Surprising is the sentiment that sisterhood brings To a life once thought to be full. It turns out that the sister-less are, after all Without a love most pure and wonderful. A sister-in-law, to be clearer just here, Is an especially delightful kind. Born from the love of the love of her life And theContinue reading “To Forty, With Love”