Things to be THANKFUL for….

1. Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, telling myself it’s not as hard as it seems.
2. The Cheshire Cat moon.
3. A warm place to sleep.
4. A night cap with the one you’d like to share the morning coffee with.
5. Morning coffee.
6. Knowing who you are.
7. Knowing where you’d like to be.
8. Knowing where your next meal comes from.
9. Democracy.
10. Knowing tomorrow will follow today.

11. Water.
12. Mountains and canyons and big jet planes.
13. Hearing your song on the jukebox and knowing your person played it for you.
14. Believing that good news is on the way.
15. Defining moments.
16. Shared interests.
17. Artistic expression.
18. Led Zeppelin.
19. Lists.
20. You.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Start it off right.

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